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Mortar and pestelA Healthier U providing natural healthcare alternatives and increasing public awareness to its important role in health management today #ahealthieru.

WHY NOT START EACH DAY healthy by choosing the right diet, exercise and proper supplementation.  Sound familiar?  Maybe there’s a good reason.  You are what you eat, right?

Think about your body as a fine-tuned sports car . . .  Would you put water in the gas tank? Or ink in the oil tank?  NO, of course not!  Then why does mankind continue to ingest toxins, pollutants, chemicals, i.e. processed or “fast” foods??&*%!  Why does everyone know of someone who has cancer? Is this just a phenomenon or is man slowly poisoning himself and his heirs?

This blog will regularly share health news, important discoveries and common sense logic for all those seeking a better quality of life.  The first step is caring enough about yourself to investigate further!  Come join me on an adventure to “A Better Healthcare Plan” one day at a time!

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